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The management of the emergency call at 800 800 112 follows a path that has been designed to reduce waiting and, at the same time, to ensure that the rescue is effective. This path is illustrated below in a simplified form.

Please note: some actions may differ according to the situation.

icona iscrizione


If you haven't already done so, sign up to this portal and enter your phone number, they will be used by rescuers to know that you are a deaf person.


Before calling, enable GPS on your phone, it will help rescuers to find you!
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When you dial 800 800 112, the center for the deaf people relief is activated.


The wait is reduced to the bare minimum.
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The moment you are identified as deaf, the platform, used by the 112 rescuers, starts working to communicate with you in writing.


The operator on phone ends the call: it is the confirmation that he has known that you are deaf and that he will contact you appropriately, after a few seconds.
icona fine chiamata
icona sms


An SMS containing a link arrives on your smartphone, click it as soon as you receive it.


In a few moments the chat page opens. There is no need to install anything, it's all automatic!
icona chat
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Some authorizations may be required, accept them, because they are essential to continue.
Examples of required authorizations:
  • authorizes the smartphone to open the link contained in the SMS
  • authorizes the browser to access data about your location
Remember that is an official tool of the Italian emergency service 112, so your privacy and the security of all operations are guaranteed.


Use the platform chat to communicate with the operator and carefully follow his instructions. Rescue workers know exactly how to handle emergencies, so rely on their expertise!
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The platform also allows you to receive attachments and, if necessary, the operator can ask you to start a live video, for example to better observe the situation.
To protect your privacy, only you can start a live video from your smartphone, in no case can the rescue operator do it for you and without your knowledge.

Signing up for the portal and using its services is completely free. There are no hidden costs, additional paid services or paid product advertising. It is a public utility service to improve emergency support for deaf people.

Warning: In case of emergency, the emergency number operator may involve you in a written conversation that involves using data traffic on your phone. Data traffic is under the spending conditions imposed by your telephone operator and could lead to additional costs. Keep in mind that this situation will be necessary only and exclusively if you have to call the emergency numbers to ask for help.

The portal is reserved for people who, due to physical condition, cannot speak or hear in the event of a call to emergency numbers. Register only if you believe you belong to this category.
No. To use the service it is necessary to have a mobile phone (mobile phone or smartphone) able to surf the Internet, or with an active data connection. For this reason it is important that your mobile phone number is shown in your data.
No. The registration on the portal only serves to register you as a deaf person so that the Emergency Authorities (112) can adequately respond to your requests for help. Your geographical location is tracked only at the time of a real emergency call and then following your specific request . No organization can store your GPS data without your knowledge and outside the rescue situation.
The portal works with the utmost respect for your right to privacy and in full compliance with current laws. Your data is stored in a protected manner and provided only to the official emergency and rescue agencies and only in case of a call made by you , for the purposes clearly indicated on this site. In no case and for no reason your personal data will ever be provided to third parties not involved in the rescue activities.
As required by the privacy laws, it is your right to request complete removal of your data at any time from the portal archive. You can do this by deleting the account from your Profile page.
To complete the registration to the service you must enter two codes that you receive via SMS and to your e-mail address. The codes are automatically sent when you press the Sign up button on the registration form. If you have not received one or both codes, verify that you have correctly written your phone number and your email address. Also check that the e-mail message is not in the junk mail messages of your e-mail box. If everything is OK and you still do not receive the necessary codes, write us using the form in the “Contact us” section of this page.
In the portal access panel, press “Forgot password?” and then enter your email. You will receive a message in your e-mail box with instructions for setting a new password.
At any time you can change your profile information and indicate a phone number different from the one registered. Access the portal, click on “My account” in the main menu and then go to the “Profile” section. Enter the new phone number and press Save.
It is not possible to change the email address linked to the profile. However, it is allowed to delete the account in use and create a new account to link to the desired e-mail address.
Yes, sure. Access the portal and click on “My account” in the main menu and then go to the “Password” section. Enter your current password and the new one, repeating it for confirmation. Then press Update password. The new password is immediately active.
The portal services are aimed at support in case of need and it is important that the data you enter in the portal are accurate. It is forbidden to enter fake data or data relating to other people. All required mandatory data is necessary to allow relief agencies to work in the right way, for the benefit of you and all other users. In particular check that you have entered the mobile phone number you are using.
Important information to know if you sign up with your social profile

If you decide to delete your social profile (for example if you decide to unsubscribe from Facebook), and you have not set up alternative credentials in the profile settings of this portal, you will no longer be able to access and will need to register with a new phone number.

None of the data you enter in this portal will be communicated to the social network, but since you use your social profile it is possible that the company that manages the social network becomes aware of your deafness. If you don't want this to happen, choose another registration method.

Do you want to report a portal usage issue? Contact Us!
Contact us

If you did not find the answer to your doubts or you encountered a problem on the portal, fill out the form below. If you want to add information to a previous request or a report, also enter the numeric code of the ticket that was sent to you by e-mail.

WARNING: Sending this notification does NOT correspond to a distress call.

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